MET 624 Homework Directory

01_Zn-O-S_PredominanceDiagram Data Table in Excel Format Due Friday Jan 24

02_Zn-O-S_Roaster_Diag Due Friday Jan 31 (May be completed by MathCad Asignment 04)

03_Zn-O-S_Pred_Diagram by Area Due Friday Feb 7

Not Required - 03_Pred_Diag_Practice_M_O_Cl Due Wednesday Feb 5

04_Zn-O-S_Roaster Diagram by MathCad Due Friday Feb 7 (broken in two assignments now #2 and #4)

05_Vapor Pressure Diagram_W_O_Cl Due Wed Feb 11

Not required - Included in #05 06_W_O_Cl.doc Due Fri Feb 29.

06_Vapor Transport Reactions Due Wed Mar 6 - Changed from #07 to #06


08_1wtSS_Si.docx Due Wed April 16


10_Thermodynamic Relationship Manipulation