Submitting Worksheet Solutions to HC Problems

MathCad Use

Excel Use

Security Level: (For Excel 2003 and earlier versions) While having Excel open, reset the security level to Medium under menu: Tools/Macro/Security to make use of the Secure Excel Demos. When this is done properly, the opening of Secure Excel files will prompt you concerning the enabling of Macros. Answering Yes will allow you to observe the Secure Excel Demos.

Circular References:Whenever circular references are used in your worksheet equations, you must change the calculation mode under menu item Tools/Options/Calculation to Iteration. If you use Manual and "1" iteration you can observe the calculations step by step by depressing the F9 key.

Disabled Excel Menus: On rare occasions a user reports that the use of the above Secure Excel programs causes some Excel menus items to remain disabled. The disabling of some menu items is an intentional feature of the Secure files, but the menus should be completely restored upon exiting the Secure file. If you experience the lose of some menus (viz. Cut, Paste, Save As, . .), they may be restored by simply re-opening any of the above Secure Excel programs and then exiting them in the usual way but select YES when asked if you want to save the file. Your menus will be correctly restored. Please report any unresolved problems.