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Department of Materials Metallurgical Engineering SDSM&T Rapid City, SD.

MATH 373 Applied Numerical Analysis
MET 320 Metallurgical Thermodynamics
MET 321 High-Temperature Extraction, Refining, and Recycling
MET 422 OnLine Transport Phenomena in Metallurgical Engineering

MET 426 Steelmaking
MET 352 Metallurgical Engineering Design II
MET 624 Advanced Chemical Metallurgy
MES 790-890 Seminar
Fall 2014 Final Exam Schedule
Contact Dr. Stanley Howard for the following programs and web links:

• Roster Builder - an SDSM&T course management tool (email distribution list, grade sheet with auto grade mailer, etc.)
• GradeAutoMailer
• Outlook Calendar Populator by Merge Mail VBA Macro
• ThermoXP (MET 320) - calculation and visualization of changes in thermo quantities for selected gas expansion process
• CalendarMaker - produces annual calaendars for all patterns including those related to moving holidays such as Easter
• Outlook Calendar Populator by Merge Mail VBA Macro
• Xcuser - an SDSM&T tool that assembles absence notice emails for profesors of students on group activity lists; viz. football)
• Ellingham Diagram Maker (MET 320)
• Continuous Curriculum Improvement System for ABET Accreditation in BS Metallurgical Engineering
• Applied Numerical Methods Text (MATH 373)